Easy Tips to Write A Longer Essay

If you are stuck in the middle of your essay and are out of ideas to reach the word count?

It happens to every essay writer either you have gone above the word limit and need to eliminate irrelevant details or you are required to add some more points.

Most of the institutions often allow students to be 5-10 percent under the required word limit. However, it may leave a negative impression on the professors along with affecting the overall grade. To handle such a situation, a writer must know some techniques of adding to your total number of words.

This article will help you find some basic but effective ways to increase your word count without sacrificing the quality of your work. Adding relevant content will increase the length of your essays.

1. Using Examples

The first step is to conduct thorough research on your topic and go through your entire writing piece. Look for different evidence and examples that support the claim that you are making.

It will help to increase the length of your essay by making it easier for the reader to understand the topic in a better way. You can also use statistical data and some real-life scenarios to support your claim. Such additional information related to your thesis will make your argument stronger.

2. Add Quotations

Adding quotation of a famous person is another way to increase the content of your essay. Thus, search for some credible quotes and saying relevant to your topic. It is a great way to support your thesis by creating a strong overall impact.

It is possible that you might have already included appropriate quotations in your essay. If there is no need for any further quotations that you can avoid this step.

Just go overboard and fill the paper with quotes. Also, do not forget to properly cite them or get it through online essay writer.

3. Avoid Using Short Forms

Using contractions such as ‘can’t,’ ‘aren’t,’ ‘he’ll’ in a formal essay is not a good practice. Avoid using such contractions and short forms of words. Another important trick is to write the spellings of the number wherever needed instead of using the digit.

4. Addressing Different Viewpoints

Another essential element is that a writer should address different point of views. However, it should not comprise on the quality of your essay. Take it as an opportunity to discuss alternative views that differ from the conclusions that you have made. Also, explain why your argument is the right one.

5. Focus on Detailing

Rather than looking for new ideas to include in your essay, go through the existing content and provide more details to the important points to further highlight them.

The more descriptive your essay is, the easier it is for the reader to understand your topic.

6. Using illustrations

A writer can also use illustrative material to increase his content and supporting his argument. Illustrations such as images, graphs, charts, and statistical reports will make your essay even more appealing.

7. Clarifying Statements

It would be better to find the statements and making appropriate clarification. It can be achieved by adding various statements to clarify the original one. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not over clarify the statements. Just focus on perfectly elaborating the points.

8. Breaking Down Ideas

Break the ideas into different sections and separately discuss them thoroughly. Try to explain a single idea in each paragraph.

9. Ask for Help

Sometimes it is difficult to identify the gaps in our own writing. So, asking for help is a useful choice. Ask an essay writer free to go through your essay and provide you with valuable feedback. They will also assist in meeting the word count at reasonable rates.

Follow the above steps to increase the length of your essay.